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Patches of sunlight filtered down through the rustling green foliage overhead, dancing across the grass and shadows. A  light, warm breeze brushed against her skin. It made her sleek brown hair flutter slightly. She dipped her hands gently into the bubbling creek that slid over rocks of silver. It was a pleasant icy cold sensation that washed around her wrists. She cupped her hands and brought up the crystal clear water into the air and up to her face. She kissed the surface and drank in the frigid  liquid. It was refreshing and felt nice with the pleasant warm weather. Birds sang and leaves rustled, the forest was alive with wonder. The girl stood up and wiped her mouth.
She suddenly stiffened, sensing something dark nearby. She leaped upwards and bolted away just as a thick tendril of shadowed purple energy burst from the ground snatching up at her.  Her powered pink dress  billowed out behind her  and the grass waved wildly in her wake. Her bare feet crunched small twigs and her hair whipped behind her. Her striking green eyes flashed with worry. The trees and grass began to thin out into rock and dust. A cliff jutted out from the dense forest and dropped off into what would be a very long drop into a raging ocean. She didn't slow or show any sign of fear from the cliff. If anything she ran faster as if wanting to go flying off the edge. She began to hop as she ran avoiding small tendrils of dark purple twisting up aiming for her ankles. They slid through the earth like ghosts, twisting and swiping out. The girl narrowly avoided them and raced head on into the air and off the edge. She started to drop and plummet  down towards the waves crashing on the rocks below.  Then a dim white light began to form on her shoulder blades and a cloud of feathers started to circle and totally engulf her as she fell. With a mighty whoosh a pair of white wings, speckled with silver on the flight feathers, burst from the cloud and pushed them away. The girl gave two more mighty flaps to straighten herself out and then she flew off into the sky leaving the dark shadow tendrils behind on the cliff point...

* * *

She was surrounded by blackness. Just utter blackness that went on forever. Engulfed in it. But on she flew. "I have to check on Eve. If I was attacked she might have been to." She thought to herself. Worry was eating up her insides making her grit her teeth. She tightened her firm grip on a locket that hung around her neck on a delicate golden chain.  She had never actually opened the locket for she was fearful of what might lie inside waiting to be released into the worlds. She had long left her planet, Key, and was speeding towards her friend's kingdom, Starce. She wasn't going as fast as she normally can because there was no winds to glide on so she is forced to flap to move toward the distant planet.
It was an incredible blue, little patches of bright green were scattered around the planet. Both Eve's planet and her own were quite small compared to earth, but still quite vast to the creatures that inhabited them. Their planets, along with some others, were ruled by one mortal goddess who had the ability to travel between the worlds and shape shift many forms. The planets were safe havens for creatures originally from earth; such as dragons and elves. They were all driven out by growing human population so the planets were created. Each planets contains a huge variety of creatures but they are all similar in a way mostly. Eve's planet is of elves and most water beings.
A little story I started. It is slightly based off a roleplay me and my friends played back in fourth grade.
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November 20, 2012
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